Franchise of multimodal electric vehicles sharing
Make urban mobility a way better and earn from it
Launch your own e-sharing fleet, use modern online management platform and get turnkey expert assistance at every stage, from deployment to operate.
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Strongly growing trendy market
Up to 100% annual revenue
Flexible franchise opportunities
In 2022, electric vehicle sharing saw a 40% growth in registrations and rides.
Confirmed by operating franchises in 5 cities and 3 countries.
Launch in small towns or megacities worldwide. Grow with our support.
A promising market for investment
Cities around the world are adopting greener and smarter transportation solutions. Sharing electric vehicles are quickly becoming the go-to choice for urban dwellers, creating a vast market for investors like you.
Shared micromobility market expected growth
$ 3,06 billion
$ 6,25 billion
$ 10,35 billion
Next 10 years e-sharing market will grow by 14.5% per year
up to 70% urban population
uses micromobility sharing daily, according to McKinsey research
+61% rides growth per year
The decade of micromobility has come
Personal cars: expensive, polluting, out of trend
E-sharing: lightning-fast & hassle-free
State regulators: support micromobility
Owning a car can be quite costly, considering maintenance, parking fees, and taxes. Plus, it takes longer to get around because of traffic jams.
People no longer want to spend time and money on taking care of their personal vehicles. Thus, sharing becomes the best solution.
State regulators are paving the way for micromobility services to flourish by creating supportive legal frameworks and urban infrastructure.
And we has something to offer
Appeal of multimodality
Payment diversification
Ample launch options
We combine various modes of transport to create seamless and flexible urban mobility experience.
Per minute
Mass packages
We allow users to pay due to their various sharing usage scenarios This is crucial for user acquisition growth.
The micromobility market still requires more vehicles, so you can get profits everywhere, from little campuses to major capitals with a high proportion of competitors.
A simple franchise for a sure income
Get business-plan for your area
Deploy the vehicles
Operate your fleet easily
Our franchise experts will help you calculate the optimal size of fleet and service personnel to achieve maximum return on investment. Get business-plan suited for you →
Get ready to go vehicles by factory prices or even cheaper. We will help with delivery, local permit and marketing.
Modern online-system to manage the fleet
Ready-made support service in your language
Ongoing personnel support and guidelines
Easy access to spare parts for maintenance
Retain 85-91% ride revenue and profits while saving 100% on software costs
What’s in the box?
The Multiverse of e-sharing
People love different vehicles, but they adhere to similar trends — sustainability, innovation and safety.
Adding more vehicle types to your fleet statistically increase profits. Multi-modal e-sharing attracts more customers and boosts earnings.
All this resonates in our electric transports.
Up to 150 km range
Up to 100 km range
Up to 70 km range
Up to 100 km range
45 kph top speed
25 kph top speed
25 kph top speed
45 kph top speed
E-Cars — soon!
Consistent software system
Manage your entire business on one screen — our platform includes tools for managing all sides at once.
The Electra mobile app is the main brain of our service — users have all the information right at their fingertips.
We massively updated our app in 2023 and made it even more modern, stylish and user-friendly.
Realtime vehicles tracking and usage heatmaps
Price, time and zone management
Repair log and spare part inventory
Support team management
Financial reports
Fleet management system
End-user mobile app
Plan — Deploy — Operate — Enjoy
Let us tell you more about the lifestyle and work of our franchisees
Excellent support at every stage
Marketing, design and public relations
Supply team management
Maintenance and repair manuals
Spare parts ordering
We provide ongoing support for the whole operation. You will get ready-made solutions, not just tools:
Personal manager — expert in micromobility
Software integration and updates
Multilingual user support service
Expert assistance on pricing and geofencing
Operating and maintenance
You will also get best-practice guidelines for each process:
Get a complete business plan with the calculation of the ideal fleet and team, as well as precise profitability forecast for your area from our micromobility experts.
Business planning
Order ready-to-deploy vehicles at the lowest market prices, already connected to the Electra software system. Get personal help in training the service team and preparing documents for licensing organizations.
Startup and deploy
Our experts will help you calculate the ideal size of the fleet for your area. We can also handle a smaller fleet size on an individual basis.
Minimal fleet size — 50 vehicles
This is the amount to invest in 50 transports with all the necessary infrastructure for startup and maintenance.
Required investment — from $50 000
Based on our statistics, a return on investment can be achieved within one season with a good workload.
Return on investment — from 1 season
The amount of the commission depends on the size of the fleet, your location and currency of your country.
9–15% revenue share
We believe in transparency and fairness when it comes to pricing so we have a strict policy against any hidden fees.
No lump sum and hidden fees
You will see each payment made by users after every trip and receive payouts every two weeks.
Enjoy income every two weeks
Once you ordered the vehicles — you’re fully own your fleet. From the start of being franchisee.
You are the only owner
Clear and pleasant franchise conditions
Electra team and platform helps you launch and manage sharing services with expert guidance for a significant ROI.
Just finance the franchise and the profits will cover the rest, allowing you to earn significantly more.
The franchise is designed to reduce any risks of not earning back your investment
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Ensure sustainable, safe and greener future with us
We strive to make people happier and cities cleaner and safer for live in. We can make tomorrow better by changing the way we approach urban traffic today.
We are a fast-growing brand of micro mobility enthusiasts with years of experience
We are launching more and more cities, hurry up to become the first in your country and grow your income at times.
10 000 users
1 300 vehicles
5 cities
120 000 rents
have registered in our mobile app
under the Electra brand riding worldwide
successfully working by our franchise model
make our users per year
It is our goal to reduce the human carbon footprint as much as possible by constantly improving all processes of our business.
We carefully select suppliers whose equipment fully meets safety and reliability requirements. Every Electra vehicle comes with a helmet that you can use for free.
Our app makes it easy to navigate across any city. Upon opening the app, riders are immediately directed to the closest available vehicle.
Best areas to start a franchise now
Get a complete franchisee bundle
Custom business plan suited for your area by our experts
Free support with personal training, local permits, etc.
Complete multilingual user support service
Ready-made software to easily manage all processes
A personal manager will provide best assistance in any processes
Multiple vehicle types by wholesale prices for better ROI
Stage-of-the-art end-user mobile application (iOS, Android)
Guidelines and manuals for each part of business processes
Strong growing brand that helps with marketing and scale
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